Chicago electric rotary hammer drill reviews

Regardless of what power tools you might need, Chicago Electric Power Tools might not be the first name that comes to mind. At least not to my mind.

Not only I decided to dig into the matter, but I actually discovered quite a few interesting things about this brand. It also owns other names including Bauer, Drill Master, and Earthquake. The company buys the power tools from renowned manufacturers who produce the tools under the desired brand name. This is basically the strategy used by the store to keep its prices low.

The tools manufactured under their own brands are cheaper, mainly because the store spends less to have them. And this is where Chicago Electric Power Tools come into play. Produced by Harbor Freight at a fraction of the cost of a high-end brand, these tools appeal to most users. But do they live up to the expectations? And what are your options? Find it out below. Chicago Electric Power Tools is a brand name that covers a wide range of tools and accessories.

Most of them are dedicated to contractors, beginners, and amateurs. Among the most popular, we can mention:. Obviously, the tool range is broader than this, and you can find almost any tool or accessory needed for construction or woodworking tasks under this brand name.

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These brands are also renowned for the reliability of their mid-range tools, and all brands produce tools of more or less the same quality. Whereas, all other brands cost slightly more. However, Chicago Electric is still reliable enough to satisfy most users. In all other cases, a Chicago Electric Power Tool will do just fine. Another thing you might want to know is how exactly Chicago Electric compares to the other brands in its class in terms of price.

It is hard to judge a brand without consulting other consumer reviews. What amazed me is the overall positive feel people have about this brand. Chicago Electric is defined as a reliable brand, and most tools enjoy overall positive feedback from the users. Chicago Electric is not a high-end brand comparable with Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, and the like.

However, it stands out among the entry-level and mid-range tools. In some cases, it even outperformed the more popular brands. The general opinion is clear.Everybody - and we mean everybody can use a cheap reciprocating saw to accomplish household maintenance and repair projects well, OK, maybe not your mother-in-law. We've reviewed nearly every single multi-tool available today, from the most expensive models to the brands you know best.

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Show listings Show reviews Use to drill precision holes, as a hammer drill for heavy-duty drilling. A demolition hammer for cutting and breaking Powerful 10 amp motor for heavy duty use Impact rate of BPM - for pounding through the toughest concrete and masonry Read more. Powerful 8 amp motor delivers 2. Of impact energy to handle the most demanding applications Anti-vibration technology AVT is an internal counterbalance system that greatly reduces vibration by moving a counterweight in the opposite direction of the drive PISTON Read more.

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Chicago Electric Power Tools Review

Current price Show price. Go to listing. Makita HR ranks 24 out of Go to rankings Read reviews. Read reviews Review Rankings. Popularity Score Very popular. Expert reviews [0] No critic scores. Total expert reviews: 0 Reviews with a score: 0 Reviews without a score: 0. Link an external review of Chicago Electric Link an external review of Makita HR Chicago Electric Buy Customer Reviews. Loading product dimensionsIf you buy an item via links on this page, we may earn a commission.

Our editorial content is not influenced by commissions. Read the full disclosure. In a world that has become increasingly dominated by DIY television shows and Youtube videos with step by step maintenance guides, the home-based handyman and handywoman are beginning to provide strong competition for the professionals.

So if this is you, then there is one tool that has the power to tackle any tough DIY project — the rotary hammer drill. This high-quality industrial-style strength rotary hammer drill is designed to handle the toughest of DIY projects. It can drill, chisel, and also hammer through brick, stone, or concrete walls. It has a lot of handy operator features: an ergonomic handle with vibration control, LED warning light for the battery, and also an LED light for working in low light conditions.

The rotary hammer drill gets its name from the rotary mechanism that moves the hammer in a circular motion. Combined with the powerful forward hammering action, it can drill and bore holes into masonry, ceramic tiles, brick, as well as thick concrete. Rotary hammer drills are used by many construction professionals because of the extra drilling and pulverizing action the drill supplies and also shock-absorbing qualities.

There are two main types of rotary hammers available on the market: the ordinary rotary hammer and the SDS rotary hammer. You can buy an ordinary rotary hammer that operates like a regular drill, or invest in an SDS hammer drill that has an extra powerful hammering motion. Although basic rotary hammer drills are great for medium-duty tasks and can perform more than one function, the SDS hammer drill is a very versatile tool.

As well as giving you extra drilling power, it gives you three options — you can use it as a regular power drill just by switching on the hammering function on the machine. Or you can switch over to the rotary hammer model or use it for rotation purposes. It is like having a power screwdriver, hammer drill, and also impact driver all in one.

If you have any demolition work, framing applications, or basement renovations that desperately need doing, then the SDS rotary hammer drill will give you that extra drilling and chiseling power you need.

chicago electric rotary hammer drill reviews

However, be warned, a rotary drill can take some getting used to. Most power tools are available in two power sources: electric corded or battery-powered cordless.

Their operating functions are similar, but your choice will depend on where you will be using the drill, for how long, and how much power you will need. Corded drills are the most powerful and give you access to a continuous power supply.

They are especially ideal for those tougher jobs like drilling through thick concrete. But there are limitations to an electric rotary hammer. You have to stay relatively close to a power outlet or you have to use a heavy-duty extension cord. You also have to be mindful of where the cord is positioned, which can take your mind off your task.

Cordless hammer drills are beginning to provide strong competition for electricity-powered drills. A lot of people are favoring the battery power source as the drill is portable. This is because you can take it off-site, and it can be used anywhere in and around your home.

Battery-powered drills are especially ideal for working in cramped conditions. As most batteries are lithium-ion, they are quite strong, and they also provide you with a stable power source, and many of these batteries can be recharged quickly.

The downside of using a battery-powered drill is that your usage is limited to a particular number of hours, so you will need to recharge the battery.

chicago electric rotary hammer drill reviews

Also, you may not get the power you need for those heavy-duty DIY tasks that may take a while to complete in one stretch. So your choice will depend on what kind of jobs you will be doing around your homestead.

chicago electric rotary hammer drill reviews

Most rotary hammer drills have strong motors that start from 7 amps for medium-duty maintenance work and up to 10 amps for heavy-duty DIY projects. Also, keep your eye out for the amount of impact energy the drill can produce while drilling into the material. For cordless drills, the higher the voltage, the more power you will get from the drill.Need to drill a hole into concrete?

If you try to do so, it will be frustrating and fruitless and may even cost you your drill. They incorporate the hammering action, which breaks the material thanks to its spinning motion to move forward.

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In the end, you will appreciate the help done by hammer drills. Hammer drills are available as corded and as cordless models. Furthermore, for precise control over the task, these models feature two-speed modes. The first mode provides the high torque and low speed to drill holes into the hard materials, while the second mode is for fast drilling in softer materials with high speed and less torque.

It will really come in handy in projects like home improvements, remodeling, and some other works as well. Here are our reviews of best corded hammer drills. When you think of power tools, the name Dewalt comes to mind for the versatility and durability of their tools. And this corded hammer drill from the DeWalt is no different, and it is a good choice for the hammering mechanism.

This drill is the high end corded hammer drill from the DeWalt. Moreover, the selector on the top of it allows you to change the modes between hammering mode and normal drilling. If you select the hammering function, then it is capable of delivering 56, BPM, and this BPM rating is the highest in its category.

With this mode setting, you can either select high-speed drilling or high torque application mode. This dual-speed setting is only available for the drilling, and for hammering, only one speed is available.

This corded hammer drill is a relatively heavy tool. The handle can be rotated to accommodate left or right-handed users. Besides, it will let you work for a longer period. The tool features perfect ergonomics, and the soft and firm grip handle lets you have a constant grasp without lessening the user fatigue. With all these features and good things incorporated in this drill, it comes with a solid 3 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

This corded hammer drill from the porter cable is one of the best choices available for home use. This drill features a powerful and durable 7 amp motor, which can provide a great performance. It works great on different materials like metals, concrete, bricks, etc. In fact, it can be used for versatile applications. The modes can be switched between drilling and hammering at the convenience of the user. Moving on, It works with a single-speed that will supply enough torque and speed for working on different materials ranging from wood to concrete.

Furthermore, this tool is designed for maximum comfort while working. It offers the best user control with its two-finger trigger for a comfortable grip. It lets you work for a long period. Plus, it has a side handle for better control of the drill in heavy applications. The holder does its job well; the bit stays secured in it.

Having said all of this, I believe it is a really good proposition for light-duty use considering the price. To boost your confidence in the product, the manufacturer provides you with a 3-year limited warranty. Skil is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools in America.

Well- Known for its radical chainsaw brings you this corded hammer drill.Rotary drills are equipped with a powerful motor and high impact energy to perform through the concrete effortlessly. You can start breaking concrete or hard soils, digging holes in thick walls or wood, pulling tiles with a rotary hammer drill. The professionals who are working for demolition, concrete foundation, and underground renovation need to have the best rotary hammer drill.

Modern technology invented power tools to make your job done easier and faster than ever. The sophisticated tools lessen your effort a lot as well.

So, the craftsman needs them badly to work spontaneously without having so much pressure. If you are dealing with heavy-duty drilling projects like construction work or any home improvement projects, then a rotary hammer drill is the tool you required to make the drilling easy.

Also, it will do the job faster than any other drilling tools you have in your tools box. A rotary hammer can be considered as the fusion of a drill and a hammer because of its enormous impact energy. It is not only designated for drilling as they have tons of other usages and functions too. This way newbie gets confused with the offers and mistakes to choose the right one sometimes.

We reviewed the top 10 products from 4 top rotary drill brands of DeWALT, a giant manufacturer in the tools industry. It is an American Brand, specially developed for making power and hand tools.

Quality is the highest consideration for this company. Their power tools were made to provide immense strength and sturdiness for a lengthy period. DeWALT also offers their products at an exceptionally affordable price range.

Review of Chicago Electric Rotary Hammer Drill (Harbor Freight)

So, take a quick look below:. The reason is quite simple; this is made with some of the highest-grade materials and can sustain itself for a longer period of time.

It comes with an 8. A comfortable D-Handle provides maximum working balance. Also, feature Shocks active system that reduces vibration in the hand while performing. Take into account that this is the best rotary hammer drill for heavy-duty purposes. And for your knowledge, it is also one of the top-rated rotary drills in the market.

But the fascinating thing is that you can use it with a cord and without a cord depending on your convenience. It comes with a brushless motor that outputs beast like drilling performance. You will also find some other cool features in this product. In the choice of best rotary hammer drill, this one is probably worth the position. It offers 2. It also comes with an 8. The construction quality is brilliant and has a beautiful ergonomic design.

One of its special features is that it has an active vibration control built-in to it. With all these amazing features you can give it a try without a second thought.Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Nathan Perkel. We put 11 hammer drills to the test to find the best tool—no holes barred. Skil Cordless drills are great.

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But when you've got big holes to bore in concrete, only volts will do. That's where the corded hammer drill comes in. It's a heavy-duty switch-hitter that goes from hammer to non-hammer mode with the flip of a lever, allowing you to ram a hole into concrete or bore into wood with equal ease.

6 Best Rotary Hammer Drill: Review & Comparison Guide

It might sound like a pricey tool meant for contractors, but it's not. Then we used a 1-inch spade bit in non-hammer mode to bore through 2x lumber. All the tools did well, but some were distinctly easier on the testers. Your search for the right tool starts here. Bosch VSR. RPM: Max. It's no secret why: Couple a 7-amp motor to an aggressive hammer mechanism and bring all of that power through a solid chuck, and you've got a tool that will blast through block and wood alike.

The Bosch is also light, sleek and not terribly expensive. Dislikes: Bosch should put the chuck key on a lanyard to keep it from getting lost, and simplify the over-engineered auxiliary handle.

Chicago Electric It seems solid, and it turned in perfectly respectable times in block and lumber. Dislikes: This tool held its own, but it does require more downforce from the operator. Like Bosch, Chicago Electric should attach the chuck key to a lanyard. Craftsman It was the best-balanced drill—the others were front-heavy—and it was the only tool equipped with a push-button spindle lock, which made it much easier to tighten and loosen the jaws on the keyless chuck.

Dislikes: Nothing noted. Dewalt DW This tool has got 'em. It's not a matter of speed—it's what you get when you combine motor torque with a solid drivetrain. It shows up when you're near the bottom of the hole and the bit is bound up with chips or dust. The DeWalt powers through with minimal kickback while requiring little downforce from the user.

Dislikes: The black-on-black icons for hammer and drill settings are too hard to read. Hitachi DV16V. That stubbiness reduces the weight-forward feel of the drill and makes the Hitachi well-balanced.